RETO3D carries a triple-lens design which goes beyond to create depth and give excitement to a static photo. It is light and portable, with a built-in flash for night-time usage. Having the support of our APP, users can produce a smooth 3D GIF in an instant. Use it in sports events to capture explosive motions, or in parties and concerts where there are a lot happening in both foreground and background. Never stop creating!




About RETO Project


Manufacturers ceased to produce many loving film cameras, leading to the pity not to find a fully-functional one in today’s market. Therefore, our team always holds a belief to reinvent film cameras! We simply hope to make film photography flourish again, by creating affordable, well-tailored cameras. Our first invention is RETO3D, a stereo camera which is lightweight and handy. However, it is impossible to make it come to life without your precious opinions and support. We will create more different cameras in the future, and we shall reinvent, together!